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Product name:GCS AC low voltage withdrawable switchgear

Update time:2020-08-24 09:38:28

Product Details


The GCS type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) is developed by the two joint design teams according to the requirements of the industry authorities, the majority of electric power users and the establishment of the juice, which meets the national conditions, has high technical performance indicators, and can adapt to electricity. Market development needs low-voltage withdrawable switchgear that can compete with existing imported products. The device passed the appraisal jointly hosted by the two departments in Shanghai in July 1996. It is highly valued and affirmed by the manufacturing units and power users. The Ministry of Electric Power Industry and the Ministry of Machinery Industry jointly issued the "Notice on Issues Concerning the Popularization and Application of GCS Type Low-Voltage Drawout Switchgear" with Anshengyong [1997) No. 01 and Jizhong [1997) No. 01. At present, GCS type low voltage withdrawable switchgear has been widely used by power users.

Use range and purpose

The device is suitable for power distribution systems in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries. In large-scale power plants, petrochemical systems and other places that require high degree of automation and computer interface, as a three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz. Rated working voltage: 380V (400). (660), rated current of 4000A and The following low-voltage complete sets of power distribution devices used in power distribution, centralized motor control, and reactive power compensation in power generation and power supply systems.

The main technical parameters


Structural features and functions:

★The main frame of the device adopts 8MF steel, and the frame adopts two structural forms: and partially welded. There are mounting modulus holes E 20mm on the main structure.

★The various functional rooms of the device are strictly separated, and the compartments are mainly divided into functional unit rooms, busbar rooms, cable rooms, and the functions of each unit are relatively independent.

★The device does not adopt the traditional design of placing the horizontal main bus on the top of the cabinet, so that there are outlet channels at the top and bottom of the cable room.

★The size series of the installation cabinet is as follows:


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