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Product name:GGJ reactive power compensation device

Update time:2020-08-24 10:12:15

Product Details


GGJ series low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet adopts high-power non-contact switching switch or capacitor switching special contactor. According to the voltage, current and reactive power of the grid, the controller performs real-time dynamic analysis and zero-crossing judgment to achieve fast The parallel capacitor bank is thrown into the impact ground to compensate the grid's reactive power and achieve the purpose of energy saving and loss reduction.

Scope of application:

Suitable for 0.4KV, 50HZ power supply and distribution system for power factor compensation, and also for inductive loads such as asynchronous motors and transformers for on-site power factor compensation, to achieve automatic power factor adjustment, reduce reactive power loss, stabilize grid voltage, and improve power supply quality the goal of.

Main functions and technical features

The control theory is reactive power, that is, how much reactive power is lacking in the power grid, and the controller controls the input of the corresponding capacitor bank to compensate the equivalent reactive power, thereby realizing compensation. The control unit adopts an intelligent electronic composite switch: the intelligent electronic composite switch used in the compensation device is a new type of electromechanical integrated electronic switch, which solves the problem of surge current when the capacitor is switched on. Single-phase compensation and three-phase compensation hybrid control: due to the dispersiveness of the three-phase load, the three-phase current is unbalanced, and the power factor of each phase is also unbalanced. Sometimes the error is large. The controller can perform single-phase compensation or compensation according to the actual situation. Three at the same time.

Perfect protection functions: including overvoltage, undervoltage, loss of voltage, overcurrent, phase loss, short circuit, harmonic protection and other safety protection functions, so that the product has extremely high safety and reliability.

Intelligent management: The system provides intelligent management, which can automatically save various data of grid operation, such as three-phase voltage, three-phase current, and three-phase power factor.

Active energy, reactive energy, capacitor switching time and frequency, etc., and can print various report data.

Executive standard

JB7113-1993 low voltage shunt capacitor device

GB7251-1997 low pressure complete set of well-linked equipment

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -20C-+40C

Altitude: no more than 2000M

Relative humidity: <95% (+25C)

Maximum working voltage: no more than 110% of the rated voltage;

Maximum working current: no more than 1.3 times of the rated current;

Installation environment: there is no danger of explosion and flammability in the surrounding medium, no gas that can damage the insulation and metal, and no conductive dust;

Installation location: no severe vibration and impulse, installation inclination <5%

Environmental conditions

The power factor is improved by more than 0.95, and no power is reduced by more than 60%.

With self-discharge function, the residual voltage drops below 50V after the applied voltage is disconnected for 1 minute.

Product number

Please check the detailed manual of GGJ series low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

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The model, capacity and other technical requirements of the compensation device;

Compensation device inlet and outlet method;

Indicate other special requirements

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