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Product name:MNS AC low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet

Update time:2020-08-24 10:23:16

Product Details


MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for AC 50-60 Hz, rated working voltage 660V and below power generation and power supply systems, such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and petrochemical departments. Industries such as factories and mines, building power supply, etc., are used for power distribution, control and reactive power compensation, especially for large power plants, petrochemical industries, etc., where the degree of automation is intensive, and places that require dialogue and communication with computers can fully meet their needs.

Technical parameters and protection level

★Rated working voltage: 380V, 660V

★Maximum working current of main bus: 5500A (IP00), 4700A (IP30)

★Short-time (1S) withstand current of the main bus: 100KA (effective value)

★Maximum working current of distribution bus (vertical bus): 1000A

★Distribution bus (vertical bus) short-time peak current: 90KA- 130KA

★Standard 90KA (maximum), enhanced 130KA (maximum)

★Comply with IEC529, DIN40050 standards

★IP30 solid protection against 2.5mm larger than medium

★IP40 solid protection for larger than 1.0mm

★IP54 protects against dust and splashes in any direction

★Please consult with the manufacturer when ordering IP54 protection level

Structural features

★The horizontal busbar compartment, functional unit compartment and cable compartment are separated by steel plate;

★The control circuit compartment and the functional unit compartment are separated by a flame-retardant polyphenylene ether plastic cover:

★The functional unit compartment on the left and the cable compartment on the right are separated by steel plates;

★The main circuit and the auxiliary circuit are designed as a separate structure, and the auxiliary circuit units composed of meters, signals and buttons are all installed on the plastic instrument panel.

Structural features and functions

★Compact design: It can accommodate more functional units in a smaller space, saving cabinet volume. MCC cabinets can install up to 36 8E/4 drawers or 9 BE drawers. The drawer unit has small size, strong function and orientation It is accurate and highly interchangeable, suitable for installing three-pole or four-pole air switch, and has reliable mechanical interlock. The effective installation height of the functional unit is 1800mm, and it can be freely combined into a fixed type and a drawer in the same cabinet. Two forms of formula;

★Strong structural versatility and flexible assembly: The C-shaped profile with 25mm as the touch number can meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and use environments.

★Using standard module design: can be respectively composed of protection and operation. Conversion. Standard units such as control, regulation, measurement, and indication. Users can choose and assemble them as needed. With more than 200 kinds of assembly parts, different schemes of cabinet frame structure and drawer units can be formed;

★Safety: A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used to effectively strengthen the protective safety performance;

★The heavy straight bus channel adopts a split function board. The right-angle L-shaped branch bus is embedded in it;

★MCC cabinets can be arranged back to back;

★Easy to assemble: no special complex tools are required.


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