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Product name:SVC reactive power compensation device

Update time:2020-08-24 10:31:22

Product Details


SVC type low voltage reactive power automatic compensation device is mainly used for reactive power compensation on the low voltage side of indoor and outdoor power transformers. It is composed of capacitor, filter reactor, contactor, composite switch, fuse, power factor automatic controller, main switch, ventilation system and cabinet. It plays a very important role in improving system voltage level, reducing line loss, improving system power factor, increasing power transformer utilization, and enhancing system voltage stability. It has prompt and quick response, no power consumption in operation, and suppression of closing inrush current, which improves the operating performance of the reactive power compensation device. The device also has protection functions for overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and lack of equivalence, and can display three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, control parameters, etc. It is widely used in residential areas, industrial and mining, enterprises, medical treatment, scientific research, oil and coal fields, petrochemical and other public facilities, especially high-power and frequently-started industrial equipment such as electric welders, spot welders, and cranes.

Product Reference Standard

IEC-4931 "Low-Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment"

GB7251 "Low Voltage Complete Switchgear"

GB/T_1 5576 "General Technical Conditions of Low Voltage Reactive Power Static Compensation Device"

Structural features and functions

★High compensation accuracy

The compensated system power factor is better than 0.98-0.99 (or design value).

★Fast response speed

For a 50Hz power grid, the system response time does not exceed 4ms, the completion of one switching process does not exceed 20ms, and the switching frequency is dynamically compensated (up to 50 times per second) as the user's electrical load changes.

★No "pollution" in switching

The SCR group adopts imported SCR chips, and the switching process adopts zero potential technology. Capacitor switching realizes zero-crossing detection, zero-voltage switching, zero-voltage switching, there is no surge current, no voltage impact, no high-order harmonics during the switching process, reliable operation, long service life, and ensuring system power supply.

★Three-phase asymmetry compensation function

When the user's power load is unbalanced, it is quantitatively invested according to the actual needs of each phase to achieve a good compensation effect.

★Filter loop

The RC absorption circuit filters out high-order harmonics to achieve no switching oscillations and no compensation for dead zones.

★The controller automatically detects and runs

The controller has line fault protection functions such as automatic detection, over-voltage lockout, phase-loss protection, under-voltage protection and output short circuit, when the system voltage is too high or too low. The controller automatically exits operation. The trouble-free operation time of the controller is no less than 12 years.

★Data Communication

With RS232 / RS485 physical communication interface, the communication method can adopt on-site collection (point-to-point) or remote collection (network).

★Temperature control protection

When the temperature of the device exceeds 40C, the heat sink will automatically start to implement forced ventilation.

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