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Product name:S13 oil-immersed power transformer

Update time:2020-08-21 16:44:52

Product Details

product description:

The S11/13-M series fully sealed oil-immersed power transformer developed and produced by the company has the advantages of low loss, low noise and high efficiency, which can achieve good energy-saving effects and reduce pollution. Compared with ordinary oil-immersed transformers, fully enclosed transformers,

The oil conservator is eliminated. The change of oil volume is automatically adjusted and compensated by the elasticity of the corrugated sheet of the corrugated oil tank. The transformer is isolated from the air to prevent and slow down the deterioration of the oil and insulation aging, enhance the reliability of operation, and maintain normal operation without maintenance.


1. The transformer core is laminated with imported cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which greatly reduces the no-load loss and no-load current. The core is tied to ensure the tightness of the core and reduce noise.

2. High and low voltage windings are made of oxygen-free copper. Low voltage windings of 500kVA and below adopt double-layer cylindrical structure, 630kVA and above adopt double-helix or four-helix structure, and high-voltage winding adopts multilayer cylindrical structure.

3. The transformer connection group adopts Dyn11 to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid and improve the quality of power supply.

4. The transformer is a fully sealed structure, which prolongs the service life, and is free of worry and maintenance.

5. The measured noise value is lower than the standard.

Executive standard:

GB 1094.1 Power Transformer

GB/T 15164 Load Guide for Oil-immersed Power Transformers

GB/T 6451 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements

GB 2536 transformer oil

JB/T 3837 Modeling method for transformer products

JB/T 501 Power Transformer Test Guide

GB1094.3 Insulation level of power transformer and air gap of external insulation in insulation test

DL/T572 Transformer Operation Regulations

Conditions of Use:

1. Maximum ambient temperature: +40C

2.Minimum ambient temperature: -25C.

3. Altitude: <1000m

4. The highest monthly average relative humidity: 90% (20C)

5. Installation location: Install in a place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration, indoors or outdoors.

Model meaning:


Main product performance parameters of S13 10KV dual winding series:




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