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Product name:SZ11-35kv on-load tapping transformer

Update time:2020-08-21 16:56:33

Product Details

product description:

This series of products are relatively advanced in design, and have undergone substantial improvements and enhancements in materials, structures and processes. The high and low pressure clamps are tightened by steel straps or upper beams and side beams to form a solid frame structure to enhance the iron core clamping force and the ability to withstand transportation shocks. Strong short-circuit resistance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, low loss and low noise, reaching the advanced level of similar foreign products. The SZ11-8000/35 transformer prototype produced by our company has passed the sudden short circuit test conducted by the national transformer inspection at one time. The high and low voltage coils are equipped with longitudinal oil channels to facilitate heat dissipation, which can greatly reduce the temperature difference of copper oil and the hot spot temperature rise inside the coil. .

Model meaning:


Executive standard:

GB 1094.1~2 "General Rules for Power Transformers" "Temperature Rise of Oil-immersed Transformers"

GB 1094.3 "Insulation level, insulation test and external insulation air gap"

GB 1094.5 "The ability of power transformers to withstand short circuits"

GB/T 6451 "Technical Parameters and Requirements for Oil-immersed Power Transformers"

GBT 15164 "Guidelines for the Load of Oil-immersed Power Transformers"

GB2536 "Transformer Oil"

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