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Product features of box transformer

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The box-type substation is mainly composed of multi-circuit high-voltage switch system, armored bus, integrated substation automation system, communication, remote control, metering, capacitance compensation and DC power supply and other electrical units. It is installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, Rat-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, heat-insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel structure box body, fully enclosed operation, mainly has the following characteristics:

⑴ Advanced and reliable technology:

The box body adopts the current domestic advanced technology and craftsmanship. The outer shell is generally made of galvanized steel plate. The frame adopts standard container materials and manufacturing techniques. It has good anti-corrosion performance and guarantees no corrosion for 20 years. The inner sealing plate adopts aluminum alloy gusset. The mezzanine layer is made of fireproof and thermal insulation materials, and air-conditioning and air conditioning devices are installed in the box. The operation of the equipment is not affected by the natural climate environment and external pollution, and it can ensure normal operation in the harsh environment of -40℃~+40℃.

The primary equipment in the box adopts fully enclosed high-voltage switchgear (such as XGN type), dry-type transformer, dry-type transformer, vacuum circuit breaker, spring operating mechanism, rotary isolating switch and other domestic technology ** equipment, the product has no ** live parts , It is a fully enclosed and fully insulated structure, which can completely achieve zero electric shock accidents. The whole station can realize oil-free operation with high accuracy. The secondary computer integrated automation system can be used to realize unattended operation.

⑵High degree of automation:

The whole station is intelligently designed, and the protection system adopts substation microcomputer integrated automation device, decentralized installation, which can realize "four remotes", namely, remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment. Each unit has a **operation function and relay protection function Complete, remote setting of operating parameters, control of humidity and temperature in the box, and remote smoke** to meet the requirements of unattended operation; remote monitoring of images can also be achieved according to needs.

⑶ Factory prefabrication:

When designing, as long as the designer makes a design of the main wiring diagram and the equipment outside the box according to the actual requirements of the substation, he can choose the specifications and models of the box substation provided by the manufacturer. All the equipment shall be installed and debugged in the factory to achieve the construction of the substation. Factoryization shortens the design and manufacturing cycle; on-site installation only requires cabinet positioning, cable connection between cabinets, outgoing cable connection, protection setting verification, transmission test and other work that needs to be debugged. The entire substation from installation to commissioning is approximately It only takes 5 to 8 days, which greatly shortens the construction period.

⑷ Flexible combination:

Due to the compact structure of the box-type substation, each box constitutes a ** system, which makes the combination method flexible and changeable. On the one hand, we can use all box-type substations, that is, 35kV and 10kV equipment are installed in all boxes. To form a full box-type substation; you can also use only 10kV switch box, 35kV equipment outdoor installation, 10kV equipment and control and protection system box installation, for this combination method, especially suitable for the transformation of the old station in the rural network transformation, namely the original 35kV equipment does not move, only install a 10kV switch box to meet the unattended requirements. In short, there is no fixed combination mode for box-type substations, and the user can combine some modes according to the actual situation to meet the needs of ** operation.

⑸Investment province **fastest:

Compared with conventional substations of the same scale, box-type substations reduce investment by 40-50%. Based on the calculation of 4000kVA-scale substations with a 35kV single main transformer, the civil engineering (including ** costs) of box-type substations is better than conventional substations. The saving is more than 1 million yuan; if analyzed from the perspective of completion and commissioning, it is conservatively estimated that each station is put into operation 4 months in advance. If the average load is 2000kW, the profit from electricity sales is 0.10 yuan/kW.h, and the net profit can be increased by more than 600,000 yuan in three months; From the perspective of operation analysis, in the box-type substation, due to the selection of advanced equipment, especially the operation of oil-free equipment, the equipment leakage problem in the conventional substation is fundamentally solved. The substation can be inspected and repaired, reducing the maintenance workload , It can save about 100,000 yuan in operation and maintenance costs each year, and the overall economic benefits are very considerable.

⑹Small footprint:

Taking 4000kVA single main transformer scale substation as an example, the construction of a conventional 35kV substation requires an area of about 3000m2, and large-scale civil works are required; a box-type substation, two main transformer boxes and switch boxes The floor area can be as small as 100m2, including 35kV and other equipment. The total floor area is as large as 300m2, which is only 1/10 of the area of the substation of the same scale. It can be installed and put into operation by making full use of the street center, square and corner of the factory. , In line with the national land conservation policy.

⑺ Beautiful appearance, easy to coordinate with the environment:

The box shell adopts aluminum-zinc steel plate and container manufacturing technology, and the appearance design is beautiful. Under the premise of ensuring the reliability of power supply, by choosing the shell color of the box-type substation, it is easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment. It is especially suitable for urban construction, such as: In densely populated areas such as urban residential quarters, stations, ports, airports, parks, green belts, etc., it can be used as a fixed substation or a mobile substation, which can embellish and optimize the environment.

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