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Dry-type transformer power calculation formula

Release time:2020-08-24 14:41:56     The number of clicks:256

Power equipment has a certain power. The operating speed of dry-type transformers requires physical quantities such as power. Working speed is an important physical quantity and basic attribute of dry-type transformers. When choosing a dry-type transformer, the dry-type transformer should be determined according to the production characteristics and main labor intensity. Whether the power of the transformer is qualified. In fact, we can calculate the power of your dry-type transformer based on many factors and various data.

Generally speaking, the power of the single-phase transformer is obtained by using the total power * 120% (the efficiency is calculated as 80%), then how to calculate the power of the three-phase transformer? The engineers of dry-type transformer manufacturers can help you answer, mainly in the following four ways (take 220V phase voltage and 380V line voltage as examples):

1. Three-phase rated power = 1.732 * rated current * rated line voltage (380V) = 3 * rated current * rated phase voltage (220V).

2. The three-phase power supply is different. It is calculated by multiplying the high power by 3. For example, phase A 9KW, phase B 10KW, phase C 11KW, P = 3 * 11 = 33KW.

3. The transformer power factor is usually 0.8 (also 0.7), then, in the above example, the total power of the transformer = 33 / 0.8 = 41.25KW.

4. According to the "Power Engineering Design Manual", for a single transformer with stable load, the capacity of the transformer is generally about 85%. Therefore, in the above example, the transformer capacity is 41.25/85% 48.53KW, and a 50KVA transformer is used.

The above four points are the dry-type transformer power calculation formula provided by the dry-type transformer manufacturer. The power of the dry-type transformer is related to the performance of all the components you design. For dry-type transformers, more attention should be paid to quality and technology to make dry-type transformers Can get better power and get better use effect. The above is the power calculation of the dry-type transformer, you can calculate the power of the dry-type transformer you use. Of course, there is a slight error between the actual power and the calculated power, as long as it does not exceed the national standard, it is normal.

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