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What can't happen to transformer operation?

Release time:2020-08-20 14:29:30     The number of clicks:286

Transformers are indispensable tools in power applications or large-scale power equipment operation projects. They are the main mechanical equipment for various adjustments and transformations of electrical energy. But even though they have such powerful electrical functions, the following two situations should not occur, because they will directly affect the quality of the overall project.

One, overload

It is understood that if this kind of mechanical equipment is always overloaded during operation, it will not only affect the operation effect of the mechanical equipment, but also bring danger to the corresponding project, which will lead to the problem of project quality. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid overload when operating the mechanical equipment.

2. Insulation break

If the insulation part of the transformer or the related insulation link is abnormal or damaged, the mechanical equipment will have eddy current during operation, or it will be more severely damaged and unusable. Therefore, the corresponding insulation parts must be intact when operating the mechanical equipment.

In summary, if you often use transformers, when running and operating them, the corresponding overload conditions and insulation damage must be avoided, because their appearance will bring adverse effects to the entire project, so that the corresponding There are problems with the quality and efficiency of engineering operations.

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