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What quality inspections must high-quality oil-immersed transformers undergo?

Release time:2020-08-24 14:38:50     The number of clicks:266

Oil-immersed transformer is an important equipment used in the power field. Its quality is directly related to the normal operation of the entire power system. Therefore, the quality of oil-immersed transformers must be strictly checked. Oil-immersed transformer manufacturers remind everyone, Oil-immersed transformers must undergo certain quality inspections.

The quality inspections for oil-immersed transformers are:

1. The logo, external dimensions, installation dimensions and structure of the oil-immersed transformer should meet the requirements of the product standard. The appearance should not have mechanical damage such as corrosion, and the assembly should be firm.

2. Check the DC resistance. The DC resistance of each winding should meet the requirements of the product standard.

3. Winding continuity. After the oil-immersed transformer is subjected to an environmental test, each winding should maintain electrical continuity.

In short, in order to ensure the quality of oil-immersed transformers, all links should be guaranteed to pass, and the above quality inspection items are indispensable.

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