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Dry-type transformer installation environment

Release time:2020-08-20 14:29:47     The number of clicks:145

Because dry-type transformers do not have oil, there are no fire, pollution and other problems. The loss and noise have been reduced to a new level. It has created conditions for the transformer and low-voltage screen to be placed in the same power distribution room. Therefore, dry-type transformers have been widely used. So what kind of environment can you install dry-type transformers? Let us understand in detail together.

What kind of environment can a dry-type transformer be installed?

◆The room is clean, there are no penetrating facilities of non-building structure, and the roof does not leak.

◆The infrastructure meets the requirements of load, earthquake resistance, and bottom ventilation.

◆The temperature control and temperature display device of the dry-type transformer is set in an obvious position for easy observation.

◆The door is made of non-combustible or non-combustible materials, the door opens outwards, and the equipment name and warning signs are marked on the door. The protective net door, railing and other facilities are complete.

◆Indoor ventilation and fire-fighting facilities comply with relevant regulations, the ventilation ducts are well sealed, and the ventilation holes are not connected to other ventilation systems.

Dry-type special transformers have stable performance, low power consumption, beautiful and environmentally friendly, and are now widely used equipment, so its market prospects are very impressive.

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