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Do you know a few common faults of transformers

Release time:2020-08-24 14:44:56     The number of clicks:128

The transformer is a kind of substation equipment, which plays an important role in people's electricity consumption. The stable and normal operation of the transformer is very important. However, in the long-term use of the transformer, failure is inevitable, but the common transformer How much do you know about the fault? Let's take a look together.

Common faults of transformers:

1. After the transformer is out of service, the voltage is abnormal in the power transmission or trial transmission, for example, two phases are high and one phase is low or the indication is zero. Some new transformers have high three-phase voltages, which makes some Electric equipment burned out because of over-voltage.

2. The high-voltage fuse is blown and cannot be powered on.

3. The transformer cannot be powered on after the thunderstorm.

4. The transformer makes abnormal noises such as "creaking" and "cracking" during operation.

5. The high-voltage terminal is burnt out, and the high-voltage casing has serious damage marks.

6. Under the correct conditions, the temperature of the transformer is abnormal and continues to rise.

7. The oil color changes abnormally.

The above are some common faults of transformers. When encountering the above situations, you must find out the cause of the fault based on the actual situation and deal with it as soon as possible to ensure the stable operation of the transformer.

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