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Circumstances where the power distribution room needs to be cut off

Release time:2020-08-24 14:48:00     The number of clicks:154

In the current power system, the requirements for electricity use are very good, especially the power distribution room is a work room that plays a role in the entire power transmission. If there is any problem in the power distribution room, the power must be cut off immediately. To ensure the reliability of the overall equipment, the use of box-type transformers and dry-type transformers should also be understood.

Circumstances where the power distribution room needs to be cut off immediately

First, the box-type transformer accessories have quality problems, causing a flame, and timely detection of the need to cut off the transformer, to avoid products that cause major accidents, and cause the entire power supply system to paralyze.

Second, it is found that the transformer bushing has quality problems. If there is serious damage and serious discharge, it needs to be cut off immediately, and special personnel are required to conduct inspections to avoid major hidden dangers.

Third, pay attention to the oil or smoke spraying on the oil pillow of the box-type transformer. If it is serious, it will affect the entire surrounding environment.

Fourth, if the internal operation is too large and needs to be shut down for inspection, or if there is a popping sound, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents and the oil temperature is abnormal. If it rises, it also needs to be cut off.

For transformer operation, if a fault occurs during the operation or an abnormal condition is found, the related equipment in the power distribution room is shut down, and the fault is removed after a detailed inspection before operation, otherwise it will cause a major accident. Due to loss of life and property, special personnel are required to conduct regular inspections. When problems are encountered, they can be reported and dealt with in a timely manner, which can solve many problems and reduce the level of harm.

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