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Box-type transformers require professional cooling systems

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The box-type transformer control system must remain stable. Equipment operating systems are different, free gaps are different, and there are certain differences in the degree of connection wear. At the same time, there are also certain differences in engines and hydraulic systems. Different transformer systems have a certain impact on the use of products. Therefore, the required coefficients for box-type transformers are still relatively high.

The mechanical work of the machine should be prevented from being rough and far away from the impact load, which will cause frequent mechanical failures and greatly shorten the service life. The shock load that occurs when the box transformer is working, on the one hand, causes the mechanical structural parts to be worn, cracked, and broken in the early stage, on the other hand, shock pressure occurs in the hydraulic system, and the shock pressure will damage the hydraulic components, oil seals, and high pressure oil pipe joints and hoses. The pressure joint fails prematurely, the oil leaks or the pipe bursts, and the overflow valve frequently operates and the oil temperature rises. Therefore, the production and operation of the box-type transformer system must not affect the use of the equipment.

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