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Reasons for the popularity of dry-type transformers

Release time:2020-08-20 14:29:38     The number of clicks:298

At present, dry-type transformers are very popular and have a wide range of applications. People have a high degree of recognition for them. Let us understand the reasons why dry-type transformers are popular.

Reasons for the popularity of dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers have their own characteristics and advantages. They use low-loss silicon steel sheets, step-by-step iron core seams, and foil winding structure. They are very superior in performance and ensure the quality of users during use. demand.

Dry-type transformer

Dry-type transformers have developed into energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, low-noise and quiet equipment. The equipment has high reliability during operation. It is currently a very used product for large-scale power supply facilities or power plants.

The overload capacity of dry-type transformers is related to the ambient temperature. When in use, the strong overload capacity of the dry-type transformer can be used as much as possible to reduce the transformer capacity, make full use of its overload capacity, and appropriately reduce the transformer capacity so that the main operating time is at full load or short-term overload.

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